Pimoon: the first moon landing of HECO chain.

A cryptocurrency with huge, genuine usage via our real-world ecosystem.

Whitepaper CERTIK

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Fund Security

The flow pool permission has been discarded, and your assets will be in your own hands

Community Autonomy

Pimoon is initiated by a group of PI enthusiasts without any project party

General Trend

Defi is innovative, and its future development prospects and opportunities are unstoppable


Pimoon coin made by smart contract is released in HECO chain

In order to pay homage to and publicize Pi coin, Pimoon, launched by foreign Pi enthusiasts, has completely realized the decentralization of projects and the autonomy of communities. Pi coin shareholders have taken action to build consensus.

Pimoon combustion dividend mechanism

Pimoon issued 10000 trillion, 82% of which have been destroyed, 255 trillion in the mobile pool,. Pimoon adopts the deflationary mechanism of destruction + dividend. Therefore, Pimoon will become very precious over time, thus realizing the value of Pimoon.


Pimoon Completed

Pimoon has achieved the following goals through the joint efforts of the foundation and everyone in the community.

1、Effective currency holding address: 100000

2、Online fire currency mdex exchange

3、Launched white paper

4、Online Official Website

5、Logged in to XF hot

6、Signed in to mytoken

7、Signed in FeiXiaoHao

8、Has passed three major audits: certifik audit

9、The Million Shareholder moon landing plan has been launched

10、Fire coin insiders join the community

11、Money security insiders join the community

12、United States musk community

13、Dozens of gold medal lecturers of Business School

14、Tencent course at 8:30 every night

15、There are more than 500 people with 100 billion super consensus

16、Reach in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned blockchain communities and launch the world's unique game application before the end of September

17、The second game was launched in the fourth quarter, similar to the glory of the king

18、In the fourth quarter, with the dispatch of the main network, 10000 times of revenue was realized

19、In the fourth quarter, it logged into the three major international exchanges to achieve 100000 times of revenue

20、The global mercy foundation is about to be launched

Pricing Plans

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2021 Q3

  • White paper online
  • official online
  • submission for audit

2021 Q4

  • Main network on PI
  • Realize 10000 times of income
  • Log in to the three exchanges

2022 Q1

  • Pimoonswap decentralized exchange launched

2022 Q2

  • Pimoon payment and trading system launched
  • Pimoon digital wallet landing

2022 Q3~Q4

  • Pimoon NFT mining
  • Pimoon Social ecology landing


  • Build the world's largest community in the field of defi and usher in more institutional cooperation